August 2, 2012

I'm Back in the Saddle

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I have noticed a trend in the police wife bloggers I follow….we have all dropped off the map.  I’m not even sure if I was ever on the map and I need to fix that.  Blogging is hard for me.  After I get home from work, cook dinner, bathe kids, read books and put kids to bed, well, frankly….I ‘m tired.  It’s not that don’t want to do it.  I am always experiencing things that I should write about; it’s just that I forget those things when I get a minute to sit down and write about it.  Plus, I’ll admit that I’m really self-conscious about my writing.  I’m always questioning my grammar and sentence structure; then add to that, I always wonder, do you ladies even really care what I write about?

Of course you do! That is why you are reading this.  Because when you boil it down all of us have one thing in common we’ve dedicated our lives to supporting a law enforcement officer….and all that comes with it.  So, I am making the commitment to get back in the saddle and I hope you will read about it, comment on it and share your own stories.

 Here’s to us, cheers! Oh, and stay tuned for an update on The Law Dog family.

P.S. I am on the hunt for some new [to me] police wife blogs. I'll see you out there.


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  2. This post made me smile :)

    I'm a brand new LEO wife blogger and I love the little "community" I've found through blogging so far! Check out my blog at:
    I don't always post about serious things, but there's a time and a place for everything...I think being married to a LEO is one of the scariest/coolest/most exciting things I've ever been a part of!

  3. Hi! I was so excited to see your post was in 2012! I've been trying to find some fellow LEO wife bloggers, but they have done just as you said, fallen off of the map. I'd love for you to check out my blog - - where I share my experiences of being a newlywed to a rookie officer. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to following your blogs to come! (:

  4. I'm also a brand new blogger and brand new police wife! I've really enjoyed finding other LEO wife blogs out there and I hope you keep writing! I have a blog at - I'm finding my way through this police wife thing and writing this as a way to connect with others going through the same things and also just to document all the crazy things that we go through! I'm glad I found you!